You create reality through intentions…

I have been fascinated by the power of intentions. Intentions are highly focused thoughts, that directly influence external reality. What you think about and focus on in your thoughts will end up manifesting those thoughts into in your life – good or bad. They always work without fail. Here’s how intentions work…

So, by purposefully setting intentions through your thoughts to get what you really really want and desire, you begin to deliberately form, organise, & influence your reality.

This is because your external physical reality that you experience, is highly attracted to correspond to your thoughts. So, by directing your thoughts intentionally, this manifests what you purpose.

How this is best done, is by spending time regularly meditating around your intentions (a daily routine is ideal). This will only require around 10-20 minutes. (And, yes regular meditation does really work – honestly). As you do this, it is a really great feeling to watch expectantly, as your intentioned desires begin to unfold into your reality.

By the same token, never think about what you don’t want. This is because, if you are always thinking about what you don’t want, then, by their highly energetic and contagious nature, these tend to manifest very quickly indeed and give you exactly what you have been thinking about, even though it is what you don’t want!

So, invest a little time regularly to purposefully set up your intentions,. This discipline will enable you to focus the necessary energy required to eventually manifest your dreams and desires into physical reality. This is in itself miraculous; an effortless and graceful process that is continuously operating, everywhere, all a time, without fail.

So why not give it a go, try it for yourself? Focus on what you want and desire, intend it, and you will be surprised!