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You Are More Than You Think was published on 17 April 2014 and is available to purchase now.

This book’s purpose is to be a guide for you…

and a sort of practical do-it- yourself manual that is easy to learn from and follow.

In it I describe a journey that contrasts two realities you can create for yourself. One reality defaults to the conditioning of the acquired self and the other is built from the uniqueness of your authentic self.

My intention is to give you a heading and a bearing, to allow you to set a course that will direct you and take you on your own personal journey of self-discovery. Along the way my hope for you is that you will find the keys to your own kingdom – keys that unlock the doors to your own potential and uniqueness and your own true authentic self.

Along the way you will encounter all sorts of obstacles, pitfalls and traps. What you will, however, come to recognise is that these are merely your own inner demons, and your self-limiting projections; these are the negative forces and default reactions that you have acquired along the pathways of your life so far. They become forms of conditioning. I use a concept called your acquired self to collectively describe this conditioning and succumbing to negative forces and limitations. And they are your own personal dragons that need to be slain by you. To do this you have to find the resources within yourself that give you the know-how, tools and techniques and the courage to overcome yourself and get out of your own way. In this way you can fight against your own conditioning and deserve the right to access your authentic self. So this book is intended to guide you along your way. Once you start along this intention, then step by step, you begin to return to your true authentic self. These are the keys to your kingdom.

Every day in every way you get better and better.



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Part 1: Universal principles of reality and freeing your mind
Chapter 1: The universal principles we can apply to create change
Chapter 2: Consciousness is eternal – it is part of All That Is
Chapter 3: We create our reality through our intention
Chapter 4: Natural grace and acceptance
Chapter 5: No frontiers, boundaries or limits
Chapter 6: The present moment has power: it changes the future – and the past as well
Chapter 7: The law of importance and the law of reverse effect
Chapter 8: Being joyful is our natural state

Part 2: The neurology of our internally represented reality
Chapter 9: So what is consciousness and what does it do?
Chapter 10: In two minds
Chapter 11: Mapping reality through internal representations
Chapter 12: Baseline background emotional body states
Chapter 13: The neurology of feelings and emotions
Chapter 14: Limiting beliefs – self-fulfilling prophecies
Chapter 15: The neuroplastic revolution

Part 3: Exposing and loosening the hold of the acquired self
Chapter 16: Current conditioning forms the acquired self
Chapter 17: Opening your mind to change: the authentic self and spirituality
Chapter 18: Exploring the make-up of your conditioning
Chapter 19: Overcoming the hypnotic power of inner mind chatter
Chapter 20: The cycle of control and grief
Chapter 21: Drawing out conditioning into rich pictures

Part 4: Breaking the patterns of the acquired self
Chapter 22: Overcoming your conditioning
Chapter 23: Applications to break free from your past
Chapter 24: Breaking through limitation towards a new future
Chapter 25: Adjust your language to presuppose what you want
Chapter 26: Letting go of control, critical judgement and anxiety
Chapter 27: A practical anchoring application to feel good about yourself

Part 5: Returning to the authentic self
Chapter 28: Welcome to the real world of the authentic self
Chapter 29: Okay not to be okay, and that’s okay
Chapter 30: The art of relaxing your mind and body
Chapter 31: Techniques for setting intentions
Chapter 32: Generating authentic purpose
Chapter 33: The new reconnected you

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