About the author

andrew-jenkins1Andrew Jenkins is a management & development consultant and a very dynamic skilled facilitator, presenter and teacher of new thinking, as well as executive coach, and mentor.

He is the MD of PDx Consulting Ltd, a consultancy dedicated to developing leaders, managers and executives to enrich thinking and to perform at their very best in many well known organisations across the world.

Andrew also presents for one of the world’s leading coaching training organisations. He is a fully qualified psychotherapist, hypnotist, coach and internationally accredited trainer.

Andrew qualified as a Chartered Engineer, and was employed as an engineer for a number of years, before changing and broadening his career to work and consult with many leading global organisations. With operational change expertise he developed a knack of helping businesses transform at a time of unprecedented shifts in globalisation, competition from new emerging economies and increasingly rapid advances in new technology, all against a backdrop of ever-diminishing resources. He now also speaks and writes about new ways of thinking, leading and being, in order to encourage people and companies to grow and change.

It is Andrew’s belief that macro economics will continue to radically change employment, demographics, wealth distribution, job security. ‘Old world jobs’ are being swept away and new opportunities are arising and emerging to build the ‘new world economies.’

Through his commercial experience and acumen, Andrew’s consulting practice is dedicated to engaging with organisations to lead and act in new ways. To do this requires influencing new and different thinking at strategic levels in order to support ongoing future growth. This is important, as changes of this kind cannot simply come from efficiencies in new systems and processes alone. This is now old news. Alert to the radically different context in which businesses are now forced to function, Andrew has become an active advocate of economic prosperity being revolutionised through investing in human capital in unique ways. It is his strongly-held belief that, in the new emerging global economy, executives will need to be significantly more supported and encouraged so that they can reach their full potential, and use their talents and creative abilities whilst doing the ‘stuff of work.’ New organisational strategies need to be adopted to engage and influence senior people at all levels to connect much more emotionally to facilitate these sorts of necessary transformations, so organisations can meet the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead. This is the purpose and philosophy behind Andrew’s company PDx Consulting Ltd.

In Andrew’s view, such new thinking will require the knowhow of specialised and skilled individuals to encourage and coach in this sort of new investment within our organisations. He passionately believes that it is vital for us all that we each find our purpose, and make our life and work count to make tangible differences. To do this, leaders will need to support their people so that they can each find their unique edge alongside doing their work, playing to their own unique strengths, and not wasting time, energy and investment on covering up and coping with weaknesses. In the new global economy, people will be regularly changing careers and continually learning and honing new skills, and entrepreneurial mindset, so we will all need to learn to adapt quickly to change, bring our very best selves to work, and be at the ‘top of our game’ during our varied and multi-faceted careers. Andrew has become one of these leading change experts and is committed to enabling business leaders, teams and individuals to engender this type of altruistic spirit, in order to help people overcome the obstacles that are holding them back, so that everyone can become the person they are meant to be and make a living from what they enjoy doing best. That way, says Andrew, all of us can find a sense of purpose and be fulfilled, so that we come to work whistling in the morning and go back home again singing once work is done.