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Having purposeful intent – Learning from the warrior’s spirit

I have been intrigued about how warriors cope with life and death situations of battle and what we can learn from the ‘warriors spirit.’ Warriors are experts at accessing calm inner states of self-assuredness, deliberate purpose and centredness. We can learn a lot from modelling their way of being to access your true authentic self. […]

You create reality through intentions…

I have been fascinated by the power of intentions. Intentions are highly focused thoughts, that directly influence external reality. What you think about and focus on in your thoughts will end up manifesting those thoughts into in your life – good or bad. They always work without fail. Here’s how intentions work… So, by purposefully […]

You are intended to experience joyfulness

Whenever I ask people the question: “what do you want from life?” Some people answer: “to be rich, to have money, to be a success, to have status, or to achieve things.” However, by far the most common answer is simply: “to be happy”. But, traditionally psychology has focused on misery, and mental disorder. Studies […]

Keep going and never give up

My wife Sarah and I, like to do active sports. We live in the Midlands of the UK, and for the last 20 years we spend our holidays on the coast in The South West of the England. The area is a well known surfing area too and it has an active well established surfing […]

It’s really important to follow your dreams and desires

Sometimes in life, the things we dream of and desire seem really hard to get, and because of this, perhaps many of us give up. Talking to many people who describe these sorts of situations, they justify this to themselves by saying: “well it was only a dream, it was never going to be real, […]